GVS Bullion Storage Program

GVS is a leading expert in precious metals in Europe. Since 2003 we have serviced a vast customer base, exceeding 100.000 satisfied clients in the German speaking area alone. Our brand Goldvorsorge is the largest precious metals enterprise in Austria, whereas our subsidiary Silbervorsorge is highly renowned in Germany.

Our efforts are based on three pillars: Security, Discretion and Customer Satisfaction. To that end we offer our customers a first-class, secure storage solution, specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. Refined by more than a decade of experience, we utilize multiple layers of protection against financial crises. Consequently, our expertise and techniques are unmatched when it comes to high-security storage.

By combining effective logistics solutions and purpose built vaults, GVS created a precious metals hub in the heart of Europe. Thanks to many years of experience and a unique specialisation in protection in times of crisis (credit-free, bank-independent, off-grid, ...), GVS is one of the largest international high-security vault operators.

Worldwide Network
Large manufacturers are distributed worldwide. GVS networks them. Secure storage locations are also distributed worldwide. GVS networks them. Customers need worldwide flexibility. GVS networks them.

Flexible powers of attorney
Appoint authorized representatives to operate your vault. Amendments and transfers are possible at any time. We will be happy to advise you on all options. Please contact your local GVS office.

Highest Security Level
Since 2003, GVS has used purpose-built safes from Austrian-based market leader Wertheim. Only authorized staff have access to the storage facilities. All operations are carried out in a multi-person control system and under multiple layers of alarm systems.

Credit free company
All companies of the GVS Bullion Group are 100% independent of banks. No credits, loans or guarantees. At GVS everything is built on physical gold and silver.

Individual Consulting
Purchase, sale , gold, silver ... You will receive competent answers to all questions in a pleasant atmosphere. Benefit from the knowledge of 20 years of experience.

Numerous References
Due to decades of experience and proven reliability, GVS is an important partner of all major mints in the world. GVS does not focus on own brands, but internationally recognized refiners and their products.

International Delivery
Our own logistics center assures you of fast and extensive delivery of your order to any corner of the world. We are also happy to plan special transports and pick-ups in personal consultation.

Buy/Sell around the clock
The prices of GVS are tied to the live commodity prices. When you buy gold and silver online you are guaranteed the price at the time of your order. Likewise at night and on weekends.

Regular Audits
A tax expert audits all physically stored items twice a year at the same time and confirms the inventory of all storage clients. A report of the latest audit of each vault is available for download online.


Teil IV - Schutz vor Inflation durch echte Sicherheit mit Gold & Silber - Interview mit GVS-Chefökonom

Lagerexperte Christian Trinker spricht im Interview mit Chefökonom der Goldvorsorge/GVS Bullion Group & Präsidenten des Gold Standard Instituts Thomas Bachheimer über das Thema Inflation.

Christian Trinker Bild
Teil III - Schließfächer und meldefreie Alternativen

Lagerexperte Christian Trinker über das Schließfachregister, die Einlagerung von Wertgegenständen in Bankenschließfächern und warum man auf Hochsicherheitslagerung setzen sollte.

Christian Trinker Bild
Teil II - Wie richte ich mein GVS-Hochsicherheitslager ein?

Lagerexperte Christian Trinker spricht über die Besonderheiten der Hochsicherheitslagerung der GVS. Auch erklärt er, wie man sich sein eigenes Hochsicherheitslager einrichten kann.

The highly secured GVS vaults at a glance

Warehouse Price / year Recommended for Popularity Tax free
Vienna from 98,- Gold no
Singapore ab 198,- Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium yes
Frankfurt ab 198,- Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium / Rare Earths yes
Budapest from 98,- Gold no
Estonia ab 98,- Gold / Silver coins no
Canada from 198,- Gold / Silver yes
Belgrade from 98,- Gold no
Cayman from 198,- Gold / Silver yes
USA from 198,- Gold / Silver / Platinum yes
Switzerland from 598,- Gold / Silver yes