General Terms and Conditions for the sale of precious metals by GVS Austria e.U.

Precious metals on offer in this web shop are sold by GVS Austria e.U. The contractual partner is and remains GVS Austria e.U. (hereinafter referred to as "GVS"), even if invoicing is carried out by another company of the GVS group of companies for faster shipping.

1. Conclusion of contract and terms of payment
Online orders can be placed around the clock. All online offers from GVS are non-binding and subject to change. After completing the order, the customer receives a summary of his order by e-mail.
GVS reserves the right to reject orders, especially in the case of obvious errors, and will inform the customer immediately. In the case of error-free orders, an invoice will be issued immediately after receipt of payment. GVS confirms the order with this invoice. The invoice will be sent to the customer or handed over personally.

For customers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland:
The price is fixed when the order is placed. After placing the order, the customer is obliged to arrange payment immediately, in any case within two working days.

For customers from non-EEA countries and overseas territories:
When the order is placed, the price is fixed for 1 hour only. The transfer confirmation must be sent to GVS within this hour. This is the only way to ensure that the price is fixed until this payment is received.

All prices for precious metals are offered by GVS based on the development of prices on the financial markets. They are valid for collection from the GVS headquarters and include Austrian taxes; in the case of shipping, the costs of any delivery including insurance will be added. When shipping to another EEA country, the VAT rate of the respective country shall apply. This may lead to a change in the end customer price. When shipping to a non-EEA country, the customer must bear the additional costs (customs duties, import taxes, etc.).

2. Default of payment

Default of payment shall be deemed to have occurred if payment has not been received by GVS within three working days of the order being placed. An extension of the payment deadline must be confirmed by GVS in writing. In the event of late payment, GVS may refuse the order. Otherwise, GVS may withdraw from the contract without setting a grace period and without issuing a reminder. GVS reserves the right to charge the customer for costs incurred and losses due to exchange rate fluctuations. In the event of default, a default interest rate of 8% per annum shall be added.

3. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

According to § 18 of the Distance and Off-Premises Transactions Act, it is NOT possible to withdraw from orders for precious metals. This is because Section 18(1)(2) of the Distance and Off-Premises Transactions Act states: "The consumer has no right of withdrawal in the case of distance or off-premises contracts for goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the trader has no control and which may occur within the withdrawal period.

4. Shipping and insurance

The customer receives details of the shipment and the tracking number in a shipping confirmation email. From receipt of the tracking number, the customer must check the shipment status on an ongoing basis. Delivery takes place within 3 working days from the shipping confirmation date. If the shipment does not arrive on the 4th working day, the customer must notify GVS immediately in writing by e-mail.

The customer must ensure that the delivery is safely received by him or another suitable person. The customer is obliged to accept partial deliveries. Upon receipt of the delivery, the customer must check the integrity of the packaging and have any recognizable defects confirmed in writing by the deliverer. All shipments are insured for the transportation routes specified by GVS. In order to maintain the insurance cover, the customer must document all deviations (e.g.: incomplete or lost deliveries) in detail (e.g.: with photos and videos). These must be sent to GVS immediately by e-mail.

The insured shipment is only insured on the direct route to the address stated on the shipment and ends on arrival at this address.

5. Disclaimer on product images

Product images used to present the products in the webshop are symbolic photos. These do not always represent the article faithfully, but are for illustrative purposes only.

6. Data storage

GVS declares to use the data collected from you exclusively for its own purposes, to pass it on to third parties solely for the purpose of order processing, e.g. shipping, and to treat it confidentially and in compliance with all existing data protection regulations.

7. Data protection

The purchase of products in the webshop implies that you agree to the Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data and cookies described therein. The Privacy Policy available on our webshop and additional clauses in these Terms and Conditions govern the use of your personal data. We will take reasonable care to maintain the security of information about your order and payment, but cannot be held liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of unauthorized access by third parties.

Vienna, March 28, 2024